eFOLDi – World Most Versatile Personal Vehicle

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eFOLDi is a durable, lightweight, safe and folding personal transporter, allowing you experience a variety of different options: from a battery powered electric scooter, a portable chair to a traveller’s suitcase. Made up of a father and daughter team with a combined 66 years of engineering experience and after 4 years of prototype development, we’ve finally been able to have the opportunity to work together and launch eFOLDi! The eFOLDi transforms into a comfortable chair, a portable suitcase, and it is light and compact enough to join you on your flight! The eFOLDi was designed for multiple applications but mostly for one simple purpose: To help get people around easily! eFOLDi is perfect for commuters, whose work places take them beyond public transport links, along with the elderly and those with limited mobility who are unable to walk for long distances… eFOLDi is for everyone!

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