The Eight Smart Mattress

$950 USD
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Comfort meets technology in the Eight Smart Mattress. The Eight Smart Mattress provides the perfect comfort and support for any sleeper, in particular couples. Through its app, it tells you how you are sleeping, keeps you warm at night, and wakes you up at the right time. It’s just the perfect mattress, but smart. Eight has two sets of controls—one for you, and one for a partner if you’d like. Both of you can access all of Eight’s features, receive individual sleep data, and warm each side of the bed at different temperatures. The app will let you see nightly data and discover trends to improve your sleep as well as wake you up at best time, every morning. You will also be able to learn how factors like caffeine and exercise affect your sleep. Create a smart bedroom by connecting to other products via IFTTT. Shop the smart mattress now and get your better night sleep!

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