Razor Crazy Cart Electric Drifting Machine

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Drift, drive and spin like a professional with the Razor Crazy Cart Electric Drifting Machine. Featuring a patented driving system, the Razor Crazy Cart operates just like a go-cart. Likewise, you can lift the Drift Bar to have complete control over your spins, drifts, and cornering. The drift system also enables you to adjust the rear caster angle, which allows you to drive and drift in all directions. Additionally, the Razor Crazy Cart provides a 360 degree plus steering capacity to help you make tight turns. Just use the foot pedal if you want to accelerate. You can also use the foot pedal to adjust your speed since the cart doesn’t have brakes. Furthermore, the cart reaches up to 12 miles per hour. Finally, you can enjoy up to 40 minutes of non-stop fun and simply charge it with the included battery charger when needed.

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