CabinR Electronic Anti-Theft Travel Bag

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Keep your belongings safe while traveling with the CabinR Electronic Anti-Theft Travel Bag. Featuring an RFID-powered alarm system, CabinR helps protect your belongings against thieves. The alarming device on the bag activates when you press the button. Likewise, you can only deactivate the device by tapping it with an RFID plastic card. If you do not tap it and proceed to open the bag, the sensors detect movement and produce a loud 95-decibel sound that you can only turn off with your personal CabinR card. CabinR bags come in two options: a messenger bag and a backpack. Aside from the anti-theft appeal, CabinR bags are also ideal for travel with many useful features such as organization pockets, luggage straps and more. CabinR’s Kickstarter campaign launches on January 11th, 2018.

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