G.E.O.D. Backup Emergency Electric Generator

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Go green with your energy when you have the G.E.O.D. Backup Emergency Electric Generator. This powerful system provides you with all the energy you need in the event of an emergency. Incredibly, this device produces zero pollution. This fuel-less solution uses old-world technology and modern innovation. The G.E.O.D. uses patented potential energy amplification (PEA) technology. It works by using the power of spring. It then amplifies this energy with a series of speed increasers. This means that it’s reliable and dependable for any situation. Best of all, it’s totally eco-friendly. It’s perfect for safety bunkers, camping, and so much more. In fact, it has enough energy to continuously grow your food even in a bunker. The electricity from G.E.O.D. has everyday applications such as charging your gadgets and powering your lights.

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