EnergyPod Napping Chair by MetroNaps

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Ever wish you had your little haven for a catnap at work? Well, now you do. Introducing the EnergyPod Napping Chair by MetroNaps. This incredible chair was made for one purpose: 20-minute power naps. Looking futuristic with its domed top, this chair features a chaise lounge-style seat so you can put your feet up to relax. The spherical cover of the EnergyPod serves as a privacy visor that elegantly flips down to conceal your body. The built-in control panel can be operated with a single touch for a pre-programmed 20-minute power nap. You can also adjust the time for as long as you need. As relaxing as it is to drift off to sleep, the EnergyPod will gently yet effectively wake you with a series of lights, music, and vibrations so you can wake up refreshed.

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