EO2 Digital Art Display by Electric Objects

$299 USD
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Show off your work to the entire world with the EO2 Digital Art Display by Electronic Objects. An upgrade on their previous model, this screen can be used with your own uploaded artwork or your choice of thousands of other pieces. The beauty of the EO2 Digital Art Display is that it is as transient as art; you can update and swap out the displayed pieces whenever you’d like. Electronic Objects also has a premium art library featuring new releases every week. With a monthly subscription, you can also use this library for unprecedented access. The EO2 Digital Art Display has a matte finish along with a 1080p HD screen that is able to diffuse glare from any and every angle. Equipped with an ambient light and finished with an anodized aluminum frame, the EO2 Digital Art Display is able to showcase the art without any distraction.

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