Evelyn & Bobbie Everyday Bustier

$88 USD
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Introducing the Evelyn & Bobbie Everyday Bustier, the bra that works with your body. Known as the EB, this bra has no straps yet provides you with the comfort and security you need. Through loads of research and testing, the EB conforms to your body shape no matter how you move and groove. In addition, the EB provides exceptional lift even without the use of straps or underwire. You can also choose to wear straps that are totally interchangeable, crossable, and seamless. Taking just three simple measurements of your body, you can find the best fit. However, the EB doesn’t just conform to your shape but also your skin. It comes in an array of nude colors to match a variety of complexions. Finally, with a secure clasp in the front, you (and your partner) can remove the EB with effortless ease. Uplift yourself with the Everyday Bustier.

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