Everlast and PIQ Sport Intelligence Wearable

$99 USD
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Thanks to the Everlast and PIQ Sport Intelligence Wearable, you can finally measure your boxing punches. This wearable is much more than a sensor. Moreover, it has got the capability to identify a good punch from a bad punch. You just have to wear it on your wrist and let the sensor do the rest. The device will give you real-time actionable information for improving your punches. As a matter of fact, it can track all your workouts, be it shadow boxing, bag, mitt training, or sparring. You can easily get to the details like measuring the speed of your punches, or your G-force at impact. This wearable will tell you what your winning factors are. In the long run, this Sport Intelligence Wearable will help you grow your boxing skills and be more prompt in the sport.

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