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To put it in simple words, evive is the ultimate open-source embedded platform any maker would need. It’s made for all age groups to serve a wide range of applications. It can be used by beginners to learn and develop their making and STEM skills as well as by hobbyists and students to build projects and experimental setups with ease, and also by advanced users like researchers, professionals and educators to analyse and debug their projects. Made with a vision of transforming the very basics of making, it enables you to innovate, transform and contribute towards the technological progress of mankind. With Arduino MEGA at its heart, it offers a novel way of interacting with your hardware by using it’s menu based visual interface. The accurate current and voltage sensing capabilities let you collect and analyze data from your projects. The whole world of Internet of Things, with power supplies and support for sensors and actuators, is now available in one small portable unit. It saves your time and allows you to be more creative and innovative. All in all, this is undoubtedly a one-stop solution for your maker community.

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