Evolution Wear – The World’s Fastest Solar Charger

$79 USD
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The RapidSol by Evolution Wear is the World’s Fastest Solar Charger. Featuring a 2.7 Amp USB C output, this charger is faster than any competitor guaranteed. The Evolution Wear RapidSol and SteadySol feature GRADE A+ Custom Built Wafers with 24% raw wafer efficiency that is 22% fully encapsulated. It can charge built in 3200 mah battery with a maximum input of 1.9 Amps. So basically it charges most phones within 1- 2 hours. Get 1-3% per minute using our sun! An amazing charger for golfers, outdoor enthusiasts, beach goers and more. Whether you’re at Central Park or Long Island or anywhere outdoors in the world for lunch or breakfast or just a break, your phone can do with a quick charge upgrade during that time. This panel will charge your phone quickly and efficiently unlike some other that do not charge your phone at all. It’s all about using the sun rays for your good.

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