Ewaybot MoRo Mobile Robot

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Add a useful member to your family with the Ewaybot MoRo Mobile Robot. Swiftly moving about your home, this robot has intelligent voice control so it’s more like chatting with a friend. Using ultrasound and infrared sensors, MoRo moves smoothly both indoors and outdoors for maximum convenience. Tucked inside the oh-so-cute face is an Intel RealSense camera. It has impressive range of motion on the head and neck to approach obstacles with caution. This also gives MoRo zero blind spots for enhanced maneuvering. Incredibly, with a 1 to 2cm precision, MoRo is able to pick up objects around you home. The objects can weigh as much as 1.5kg and be as small as a single pen. With a 70cm span, MoRo can pick up and deliver objects you need when you need them.

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