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Exorider the Future of Transportation

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Free yourself from the constraints of conventional vehicles and switch to the one big upgrade of the millennium with Exorider. It’s time to revolutionize your ride. You are free. Lighter than a Segway, better than an hoverboard, its 16inch wheel will allow you to go where no hoverboard can. You can jump curbs and go over pot holes like you would on a bike. And with its 11miles per hour speed and 16 miles range, this is undoubtedly the perfect transportation device for commuting! Whether it’s about hanging it out with friends or going for that weekend solo ride, Exorider gives you the opportunity to travel flawlessly. It’s time you stop struggling with parking or storage and set yourself free on a journey which is just perfect and a beautiful amalgamation of you and your Exorider. Unleash your potential and pioneer the unchartered territory of Exorider tricks and thrills. Make life anadventure!

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