Feldon Shelter Crow’s Nest Extended Rooftop Tent

$2799 USD
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Add a two-person tent to the top of your vehicle with the Feldon Shelter Crow’s Nest Extended Rooftop Tent. This rooftop tent comes with an extended body and rain-fly, which covers the entire ladder entry and creates more shelter underneath. With its aluminum base construction, the Crow’s Nest Extended model is five times stronger than standard rooftop tent bases. In addition, it’s also dent resistant to retain its sleek design. Situated beneath the base, the heavy-duty cargo net storage provides multiple hooks to store your items overhead. It even comes with base mounted hanging D-ring storage. You can see a lot more of the great outdoors thanks to the additional front window and mesh opening. Furthermore, you can keep your sleeping bag and pillows inside the built-in queen mattress to save space. Simply pull the ladder for the tent to unfold.

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