Jeri-Rigg Eye Loop Tie Down

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Take care of any job with the Jeri-Rigg Eye Loop Tie Down. Using ultra strong materials, this mighty device gives you a convenient loop for attachments. The Jeri-Rigg is perfect for transportation, storage, recreation, and even construction. It works by using strong Velcro and wrapping around itself. Complete with a metal ring, the design means that it will never unravel even when holding a lot of weight. The metal ring on the end slides through the Velcro strap and is perfect for attaching hooks, bungee cords, and the like. Incredibly, it has a working load of 1,500 lbs. Even more incredible, it has a breaking strength of 4,500 lbs. No matter the job, the Jeri-Rigg can handle the weight while lightening your load.

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