EYSE – Driver Assist And 3D Telepresence, Robotic Assistant

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EYSE is a set of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Virtual Reality (VR) enhanced cameras multiple applications including Driver-Assistance, personnel monitoring and more. Also provide for amazing videos, pictures and live 3D remote presence on land, air, water, drones, and more! Learn skills, driver-assist while driving, conquer stage frights, fears, anxieties, go snorkeling or swimming without getting wet. Those applications and things in everyday life you felt you couldn’t do otherwise are now made possible with EYSE. By knowing you are physically disconnected from the place but have a full sensory presence at the fear-point, you get to experience and overcome your worries and fears. That means you can cut down your learning curve or adaptation curve and overcome your shortcomings! These WiFi-connected spy-like pocket tools will let you share and experience extraordinary moments in live, real 3D vision with sound and motion. You can take EYSE anywhere – on all of your adventures and missions and enjoy the power of an ET-like companion on the go. EYSE monitors both on-road and off-road activities and can alert the driver to evade danger. In turn in can also monitor the driver to alert for weariness or falling asleep. There are multiple more uses for EYSE and the applications keep expanding.

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