Facette 01 by Kibisi for Bulbul

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You can call the Facette 01 by Kibisi for Bulbul a classic as well as a casual design. It comes with a facette center on a rounded case which is made of 316L steel. The slim and minimal presentation makes this wristwatch a perfect accessory for the contemporary generation. The markers used in this watch are dots under the Sapphire crystal. The watch uses a two handed movement which detects the hour and the minute. This leaves the watch free from the seconds hand but the Swiss-made mechanism is of premium quality. To be specific, there’s the gilt with 14K gold and four jewels. The design is complemented with the use of an Italian leather strap that is embossed with a blue free loop. With a long lasting battery and such a terrific design, this watch can be considered a timeless design for your wrists.

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