FEMÛR TRIQ – A Unique Digital Watch

$35 USD
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The TRIQ is a digital watch designed to capture curiosity and spark conversations that bring like-minded people together. While fashion is not always practical, this team refuses to sacrifice any comfort with their design. To offset the sharp angular design, they have softened every edge of the body with a uniform curve. This allows the watch to nest on your wrist for a “barely-there” feel. A single acrylic face is paired with the high-density polyethylene (plastic) body. By using a heat sensitive film to activate the digital movement, all physical buttons have been eliminated, keeping the form simple and elegant. An energy efficient LED movement displays adjustable time and date. Bright white LED’s are used to provide visual contrast from the smoke-black acrylic lens in the dark as well as daylight environments. Soft-touch silicone bands are paired with each watch and can be easily interchanged.

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