FES Sony e-Ink Watch

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Accessorize yourself for the future with the FES Sony e-Ink Watch. Extremely thin and super versatile, this watch can transform to suit your fashion needs. Attaching to your wrist with ease, this wearable is reminiscent of those slap bands we all used to wear in the 90s. But, instead of aggressively snapping to your wrist, the FES Watch is an elegant accessory. Likewise, the e-Ink allows for diversity in your style. With a variety of patterns, the e-Ink can be present or not. With a simple action, you can transform the pattern entirely. These modifications include going from an analog to digital display, concealing the display, and much more. Like any watch, the FES e-Ink Watch is a stylish accessory first. However, measuring thinner than the plastic in your wallet, this watch certainly stands out from any other.

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