Fia Mouth-Blown Glass Carafe

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If you enjoy multifunctional objects and have an eye for design, look no further than the Fia Mouth-Blown Glass Carafe. This stunning glass vessel as an exceptional yet striking shape. Blown by mouth, each is slightly unique. Of course, the carafe can easily hold water for the entire table. In addition to this, the Fia Carafe holds wine to add another layer of color to the design. Additionally, the Fia Carafe also works perfectly as a vase for long-stemmed flowers. The Fia Carafe also comes with a beautiful crystal ball to serve as a stopper. When the stopper is not in use, it can either rest against the bottom or remain in its built-in storage spot. At the base of the carafe is a punt – an indentation in the bottom. The punt is the exact size of the crystal to add an entirely new dimension, and bit of color, to the Fia Carafe.

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