Innovative 2-in-1 Filter/Infuser Water Bottle

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This water bottle will not only filter water on the go but also provides a way to enjoy water infused with real fruits and vegetables. This will let you enjoy the taste of homemade nutrient enriched beverages on the go. The innovative 2-in-1 water filter / infuser bottle is a unique design that brings the benefit of two useful products into one, which makes it the first of its kind. There is a coconut shell activated carbon and ion exchange resin filter that will enable you to filter water on the go. So, be it a trip in the woods or a normal day at the beach, you need not worry about the availability of proper drinking water anymore. Simply refill the water in the bottle, toss in your favorite fruits in the infuser section and enjoy the healthy, flavored drink anywhere on the go. Why go for an artificially flavored drink when you can enjoy healthy infused drinking water with almost no effort. Keeping yourself hydrated in a more hygienic and delicious way just got better!

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