Fingbox Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Device

$79 USD
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Ensure all systems are running with the Fingbox Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Device. Entirely controllable with the Fing app, this device gives you total peace of mind. Any abnormalities with your home network are instantly flagged. These include new devices, changes in Internet performance, and even unidentified devices. In addition to alerting you, Fingbox allows you to see who’s at home, block devices, and customize your Wi-Fi. With around the clock monitoring, the Fingbox keeps your family members safe while online. It also helps you keep things efficient. The Wi-Fi troubleshooting device can see which devices use the most bandwidth. Along with this, you can set parental controls. With the app, you can even use it for remote access. The Fingbox provides you with all you need to browse safely.

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