FLIP IT – The World’s First 4-in-1 Premium iPhone Case

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FLIP IT is the FIRST 4-in-1 premium selfie case, for iPhone, which features a removable wireless remote shutter, case with kickstand, and built-in selfie stick, that is pocket friendly. FLIP IT will also include a series of add-on accessories such as battery backs and mounts, perfect for everyday needs. It’s more than just a stick. No more asking people to take your picture or carrying different gadgets to capture the perfect picture. It’s compact size, removable Bluetooth® remote, case with kickstand and fully built-in selfie stick, makes FLIP IT the perfect on the go companion. With FLIP IT you can easily transition from a selfie stick to a battery pack and various mounts which makes it perfect for everyday use. Why use FLIP IT when selfie sticks are being banned? We can’t change the rules but we can go around them. Use the removable remote handle + the kickstand case and take pictures up to 25feet away.

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