FlipBooKit Personalized Mechanical Flipbook

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Introducing the FlipBooKit Personalized Mechanical Flipbook. These Marvelous Mechanical Machines tell a story with every movement. All crafted by hand, the FlipBooKit collection features a variety of designs and artwork. These include the Flip-Hat, Oracle, the Maker, and more. The Flip-Hat has a motorized flipbook inside a hat design. It comes with blank cards to create your own animation. In addition, you can also opt for the Oracle which presents an answer to any question you have with a push of the button. It comes fully assembled with beautiful etched brass parts. The FlipBooKit collection also features the Maker. This DIY kit includes all the parts and pieces to create a pop-up box with printable sheets and blank cards. With this option, you can create your own story using your own images and designs. Whichever you choose, the FlipBooKit collection will impress you with every use.

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