FlipFlic – The Smart Blinds Controller

$60 USD
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Transform your ordinary blinds into something automatic with FlipFlic, the smart blinds controller. Powered by the sun and sitting inconspicuously in the corner of your blinds, this compact yet powerful device automatically flips your blinds according to the temperature in your home. Installed easily with no tools, FlipFlic is outfitted with sensors to detect light and temperature. You can have FlipFlic work according to its sensors or set a daily schedule. With models for both horizontal and vertical blinds, FlipFlic recharges itself with the sun and requires no power outlet or batteries. Working with BLE and ZigBee hubs, this device also integrates with your smart home setup for a more intuitive, and temperature-controlled, living space. Don’t worry; you can always manually adjust your blinds with a quick tap in the app for the perfect lighting for movie night.

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