Float360° Floating Desk Object

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Add a sense of magic to your workplace with the Float360° Floating Desk Object. This gravity-defying object comes with a frame as well as the floating object. You have your choice of a cylinder, cube, or a globe. The cube and the cylinder are both customizable so you can show off something you love. You can use photos or feature one of the cities provided. In addition, the globe version features the earth in all its glory. No matter which you choose, the object suspends between the ends of the frame. Incredibly, the object floats in mid-air and actually spins in a full 360 degrees. The Float360° uses transparent Plexiglas as well as powerful neodymium magnets. The power of the magnets allows the object so spin with an entrancing motion. It’s perfect for your desk as well as your home and a whole new way to display something you love.

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