FlyKly Smart Wheel for Bicycles

$1124 USD
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Fly through your commute in record time with the FlyKly Smart Wheel for bicycles. Topping out at speeds of 16 miles per hour, this wheel gives you an extra boost as you pedal. Available in 20-, 26- and 28-inch options, the FlyKly Smart Wheel fits to virtually any bike to turn it into an electric bicycle. On a single charge you can travel up to 60 miles. Because the FlyKly Smart Wheel only assist your pedalling, you can still enjoy the fun of your bike just with a little more juice. Inside the mechanism is a torque sensor, motion sensor, and a system monitoring sensor to learn your pedalling and braking habits in order to conserve energy. Despite all the advanced technology, the FlyKly Smart Wheel remains extremely lightweight and seamless blends in with no protruding parts.

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