Fourneau Bread Oven

$225 USD
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Start treating yourself to delicious and homemade bread whenever you want with the Fourneau Bread Oven. Made entirely of cast iron, this specialty oven is designed to produce evenly and fully cooked bread with artisan quality while using your oven at home. The kit includes the Fourneau Bread Oven, a solid maple peel to remove your bread when it’s ready, instructions, and a recipe guide to give your culinary creativity a jump start. Arguably creating the best bread ever, the Fourneau Bread Oven gives you all the tools you need for moist yet technically perfect bread without stifling your desire for diversity in taste. Whether you’re looking to make a lovely loaf to serve before dinner or a unique blend of flavors for a special occasion, the Fourneau Bread Oven lets you reach your full potential (and a full belly).

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