Orbella Fragrant Moss Organic Aromatizer

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Make your space smell great with the Orbella Fragrant Moss Organic Aromatizer. Featuring a line of home fragrances, Orbella Fragrant Moss grows in a glass terrarium. Using water, sunlight, and CO2, Orbella offers an eco-friendly and healthier alternative to traditional air fresheners. Likewise, it is also solvent-free. By combining fragrance with living moss, Orbella provides longer-lasting scents than cut flowers. Additionally, there are three eco scents for you to choose from including Patchouli, Linalool, and Geraniol. Patchouli is a spicy and earth incense while Linalool gives off a fresh, clean and floral scent. In addition, the Geraniol scent is rose-like and also acts as a mosquito repellent. By growing in a small terrarium, Orbella helps freshen air without taking up much space. To care for Orbella, simply keep it indoors and be sure to water it.

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