FridgeCam Smart Refrigerator Camera

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Simplify your food shopping with the FridgeCam Smart Refrigerator Camera. Attaching to the inside of virtually any fridge, this camera can give you a view of what’s inside wherever you are. The FridgeCam takes a snapshot of your refrigerator each time you open it. It then stores this image for your reference. Ever wonder how much milk is left? Will you need to hit the shops before coming home to cook? The FridgeCam can tell you. But, it goes beyond that. Super smart, this camera can actually identify and track food inside your fridge. Knowing when you place an item inside, FridgeCam can alert you when a product is about to hit its expiration date. You can also set your own custom expiration date. Even smarter than that, FridgeCam, connecting via Wi-Fi, can use geotagging to send you notifications if you’re near a grocery store. Talk about smart!

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