FUBi Fixie – Transform Your Bike Into A Folding Bike

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What makes the FUBi Fixie folding system one of a kind is the fact that it can transform a full-sized bike into a folding bike without compromising on performance. This bike has the same looks, pricing and riding features similar to a “normal” fixie/bike, yet it can be folded with ease for convenient transport and storage. The bike also comes with full-sized 700C wheels. FUBi has been designed with minimal changes to the existing bicycle design and uses standard bicycle parts except for the frame. Because of this you’ll be able to use your own custom parts or any standard parts on this bike and enjoy riding on it every day. Folding and unfolding FUBi takes a matter of 5-10 seconds. When used as a fixed-gear it rolls on the front wheel when folded. If used as a single gear (with freewheel) it rolls on both wheels. A perfect bike for those who find it difficult to store their bikes in the office or at home because of less space.

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