Fuse Wireless Earbuds with Wearable Charger

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Always have your tunes at the ready with the Fuse Wireless Earbuds with Wearable Charger. With a pendant necklace or bracelet option, these earbuds can be recharged while you wear them. This ingenious design ensures that the Fuse Earbuds can last through your commute and your workout with ease. The Fuse Earbuds have a ceramic body and feature a magnetic. Attaching to each other, the earbuds can be inserted into the necklace or the bracelet. From there, the wearable will instantly begin charging the earbuds to bring them back to life. Additionally, it takes only 15 minutes of wearable charging for the earbuds to have an hour’s worth of battery. The Fuse Earbuds are complete with touch-sensitive controls for a truly fluid experience.

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