Gauss – Redefining Eye Protection for the Digital Age

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Just launched on Kickstarter, Gauss Eyewear is providing its backers with optimal protection from harmful radiation of the sun, eyestrain-causing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and sleep-depriving blue light radiation emitted by digital device screens. Gauss glasses can be worn outdoors like regular sunglasses, indoors and even when driving at night. The breakthrough is made possible by combining a proprietary Blueguard coating with photochromic, high index lenses that block EMI, UV/A and UV/B while automatically changing their color and opacity from 10 – 75%. “Our mission is to redefine eye protection for the digital age with lenses that are clear, but change their color depending on your environment while protecting you from the harmful light emitted by digital device screens,” explains Gauss Co-Founder, Peter ‘Pit’ Marx. Studies show that the blue light from digital devices actively suppresses melatonin production and disrupts sleep patterns while digital eyestrain can lead to dryness, irritation, fatigue, blurry vision and headaches.

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