GEA 1 – Ship Minimalist Sculpture Inspired by Nature

$63 USD
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Representing the goddess of Greek mythology personifying the earth, the GEA 1 is the first design of a series of four small aluminum sculptures. The design is an imaginary ship which has been inspired by the forms of a moving stingray. The purpose of these small sculptures is to create beautiful objects that stimulate our imagination. They are little beauties highlight the concepts of simplicity and minimalism in form, development and production. GEA 1 is a set which consists of three anodized aluminum pieces that have been joined together by means of 3M TM acrylic adhesive discs. You can use it as a cool decorative object and put it on your shelf, desk or even on your display cabinet or sideboard. The material used is 2mm thick aluminum Magnealtok 45-H111 sheet which is laser cut and engraved in order to bring in the amazing finish.

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