Genican Barcode Scanner for Garbage Cans

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Grocery shopping will be easy and hassle-free with the Genican Barcode Scanner for Garbage Cans. This smart device adds barcode scanning to your garbage bins. It takes the process of making grocery lists to a completely new level altogether. All you have is attach the Genican on your garbage can. Whenever you want to add any item to your shopping list, just swipe the item’s barcode on Genican. For items without barcodes, you will have to hold the item or your hand on the scanner for two seconds. When it does not sense a barcode, it will ask you “What may I add to your list?”. Simply tell your item and let Genican handle the rest. This garbage can also take the pain out of grocery shopping and works with Amazon to deliver your supplies at home or office. It’s a barcode scanner you must get for your home!

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