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Kai Gesture Based Gaming Controller

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Experience the power of The Force with the Kai Gesture Based Gaming Controller. Giving you superpower-like ability, this wearable device tracks your hand movements and translates them into digital interactions. This wearable device is the perfect companion to all your creative needs. From video editing to 3D Design to gaming, KAI will become as interactive as your reality. By wearing Kai, you can scroll, select, swipe, point and pinch by simply waving your hand or flicking your finger. You can take charge of your favorite games and apps. Likewise, you can edit photos or videos, play games or merely adjust the volume with simple hand motions. The patent-pending technology tracks your fingers for accurate controls, though you can also customize your controls and pair it with any app. Kai easily pairs with your device via Bluetooth and is compatible with Mac or Windows computers. It even works with your Android VR headset or drone. Moreover, Kai fits comfortably in your palm, allowing you to use your mouse, keyboard, and the KAI seamlessly.

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