GH2 Cocobolo Heritage Series Headphones

$650 USD
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Introducing the GH2 Cocobolo Heritage Series Headphones by Grado Labs. Featuring a stunning display of materials, this audio system will blow you away with sound. The ear cups both use the unique cocobolo wood. This wood is popular for everything from furniture to fine instruments. In addition to the beautiful design, it also gives the GH2 Headphones a distinct audio quality. In fact, the designers ensure that the wood enhances the signature Grado sound before finalizing the headphones. Going even further, each set of headphones has unique wood grain markings so no two pairs are the same. Of course, headphones are about more than just sound. The GH2 Headphones sport a classic aesthetic and shape. They’re also complete with soft ear cups as well as an adjustable strap for all-day comfort.

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