Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition by littleBits

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Give your kids the opportunity to extend their STEM/STEAM learning classes at home with the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition by littleBits. Having over 16 inventions (+ thousands in the app), 13 bits, 56 accessories and 60-page invention guidebook, this kit is about to make your kids more passionate about inventing new gadgets every day. Even if they are addicted to mobile gadgets, this kit will help in making those hours more fruitful through an interactive learning medium. The Bluetooth kit comes with a corresponding mobile app that can be used to control the inventions that your kids make with the help of this kit. What’s special here is the fact that this kit will allow kids to use everyday items from home in making those creations (other than the things already provided in the kit). The step-by-step instructions from the guidebook will help them get along that way with proper circuit building instructions and setup ideas. So, whether it’s about creating a Mischief Machine to prank their friends or a Camera Clicker to snap photos wirelessly from their camera, your kids can grow their knowledge of basic electronics in a fun-filled way. Winner of 13+ awards & gift guides, this app-enabled toolbox, is now available at a price of $199.95 only.

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