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Glyder – The Perfect Styptic Balm for Nicks & Cuts

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Cut yourself shaving? Well, trust Glyder’s new Perfect Styptic Balm to help stop the bleeding fast. Glyder has developed a patent pending formula of wound sealing antihemorrhagic agents that help promote platelet plugging which helps heal and seal your nicks and cuts. This same technology is used by the American military to treat wounds so you know it’s tough. They’ve also added aloe vera, vitamin E, and argan oil to nourish your skin, leaving it fresh and smooth. The Perfect Styptic Balm comes in an ultra-grippable and retractable tube, enabling the formula to roll on just like lip balm without making a mess. Simply rinse it under warm water to keep it hygienic, retract it back in the tube and get on with your day.

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