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GoDuo Powerful Magnetic Stereo Speakers

Editor's Rating
Discovered on 2017-07-01

Get premium audio on the go with the GoDuo Powerful Magnetic Stereo Speakers. This incredible system gives you total customization for taking your tunes anywhere. The GoDuo has four options. Coming in a set of two, the GoDuo Speakers are equipped with strong magnets to connect the audio system. In addition, you can separate the speakers to produce a stunning surround sound experience. They remain connected even up to 30 feet apart. Alternatively, you can take just one speaker with you to save space and still get great sound. Finally, you can use the included GoDuo Speaker case to attach the system to your gear. The GoDuo Speakers connect to your device via Bluetooth or an aux cable. They also have a built-in microphone so you can take calls seamlessly. Finally, the 10-hour battery life as well as shock- and water-resistant design fit into your adventurous lifestyle.

Overview & Specs
Features :
Shock Resistant, Water Resistant, Magnetic Connectors, Bulit-in Microphone
Battery Life :
10 Hours
Connectivity :
Discovered on:
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KNZ Technology
@Yeong Lin Han The speakers charge separately since each speaker has its own built-in battery. With the enclosed split charging cable you can charge both speakers at the same time from one USB port of your wall or car charger, or computer.
Yeong Lin Han
One question, do the speakers charge as one unit or you got to charge them separately?
KNZ Technology
Yes. Shipping is still scheduled in July with the range upgrade.
So the shipping date no change, still July with the upgrade in range and etc?
KNZ Technology
Thank you all for the support! We have 3 days left but it's just the beginning. We will keep updating frequently even after the campaign until our products are delivered to you.
Yay to longer wires and longer range!! With a few days to spare ... way to go!
Thomas Livingston
Wahoo! $120,000! Great job everyone.
Jordan U
Well I originally backed the early bird, but grabbing 2 sets would slightly decrease my discount per unit... buuuuuuuuuut I think I'm pretty much sold into grabbing 2 sets! Greatly appreciate posting that demo!
KNZ Technology
@Antron Yes, you can use any Apple USB charger to charge GoDuo.
Alright, thanks! Great. Can we use any apple charger to charge it?
KNZ Technology
Here's a demo video of 2 sets GoDuo (4 speakers) playing the same music with Bluetooth 5.0 phone (Samsung S8). It cannot be used as sound reference of GoDuo, due to the limitation of recording microphone (of iPhone 6).
KNZ Technology
@Kristen Lee Fenn Currently there is no APO/FPO shipping available.
Kristen Lee Fenn
Will APO/FPO shipping be available?
Jordan U
I can't decide if I want one set or two! Was thinking it'd be neat to place these around the apartment for a music in all rooms feel...
KNZ Technology
@Yeong Lin Han The clear plastic is very stable and passed our UV/yellowing test. It is not easy to yellow over time, unlike other materials which you may see often have this problem such as PP, PVC, PS, etc.
KNZ Technology
@Antron When the speaker is fully charged, the LED light will change from red to blue.
KNZ Technology
@John Falcon AC adapter is not included in the package, but you may use any certified USB charger (wall charger or car charger) or computer to charge the speakers.
Yeong Lin Han
Hi there! Good job on the speakers so far, really dig the overall design and features. However, I just wanted to ask whether the plastic used for the outer shell will yellow over time like normal plastic. If yes, are you guys considering to give several color plastic options rather than white clear plastic? Thanks in advance!
Any indication to know if the battery is fully charged? To prevent from overcharging it.
John Falcon
It is a bit late asking this question but is there an AC adapter to fit on the USB charging cable?
KNZ Technology
@Henry Watters We'll work on a demo video through the weekend.
Henry Watters
Could you guys show an example or video of connecting and using 4 units (two pairs) at once?
KNZ Technology
@Riemer As most other electronic products, this product is going to be built in China, with our strict quality criteria and process control. Regarding shipping, for the United States, due to the large quantity, we will ship all to our distribution center in the US and distribute to each address from here domestically. For other countries, we will ship directly from Hong Kong. Each country have their own duty rate. For different categories, the rates are also different. In our shipping destination list, we don't see potential high duty rates on Bluetooth speakers. We will also check with our shipping partner about it.
Just reading the comments to find out that this product is being made in China. Does this mean the product will also be shipped from China to customers in Europe directly? I have some experience with other KS-products made in China which costed me a high import tax (customs fee) on top of the backed price. Will there be a (high) import tax for this product too? Thx in advance..
Sorry please ignore my questions. Thank you.
Alright, on a side note.. what's the playback hours... 8 hours?
KNZ Technology
@Henry Watters 2 sets of GoDuo can be linked together by audio split (Y-shape) cable, or with handset that supports Bluetooth 5.0 or up.
KNZ Technology
@Antron The button is multi-functional including power on and power off the speaker. Each set of the speakers are pre-paired. So when you power them on, they will connect to each other automatically. If they are unlinked (for example, to use individually), you can reconnect them easily. To connect the speakers to your phone/laptop/etc., just find the device name GoDuo in your phone or laptop's Bluetooth list and connect with it.
Ignore Q1, for Q2, is there a button to switch on? or when you switch the speaker on, the bluetooth would be on together and ready to be connected?
Henry Watters
I think a cool idea would be surround sound, like if you buy two you can set all 4 in different corners and be able to set up surround sound anywhere you want
1. Is there a on/off button for the speakers?
2. How do we connect to it via bluetooth?
KNZ Technology
@ricardo Current GoDuo already has built-in microphone. You can use it as a speakerphone.
Any plans for adding speakerphone/mic compatibility ?
KNZ Technology
@Micheo Thanks for your suggestion. But we can't make button change for stretch goal since it requires multiple mold changes, which costs almost a month and replacing several very expensive toolings. Actually with our speakers, you can easily activate Siri or voice command remotely, and in this way they support a wider range of functions including adjusting volume, changing songs, making phone calls, navigation, online search, and many more.
If I am not mistaken, there is no volume control on the BT speaker (so we rely on the BT source to control)? If that is the case is that possible to have that as one of the 'stretch goal'? It can be useful to control the volume of the pair signal as well.
KNZ Technology
Hi Guys, I'm on the road so I'll write here together about the stretch goal instead of replying one by one. - Will the upgrade delay the original shipping plan?
Not really. We are still planning on July shipping. The upgrade requires to change an internal piece, which means we need a new mold for that exact piece instead of replacing the whole product's molds. We already started designing the new mold. Once we reach the stretch goal, we will kick off the mold building. As efficient as we are, we can complete it in 7-8 days, during which time we can work on other processes such as PCB production and SMT. The overall schedule will not be affected. - Why cable?
To be honest, we had a hard time figuring out what giveaway to choose. Our margin is low (It is hard to believe but running a Kickstarter campaign is actually pretty expensive, not including what we have spent on developing GoDuo) and it is why we need to raise higher amount. Any margin we have from this campaign, we would like to put it into making the product better. We sincerely know, no matter what gift we offer, it won't be enough to show our gratitude for your great support. Since it is hard to please everyone, we want to offer something that is useful to every backer. A longer split charging cable is what has been asked most frequently by our backers. Either you need a spare cable, or need extended reach, it would be helpful to have one.
as for me, im not so into the earphones stretch goal (im here for speakers haha) but i would definitely want extra cables. even if theyre not longer or anything :D
I on the other hand am stoked about both stretch goals and praying we hit stretch goal 2 for the added range ... also I could use a pair of Bluetooth earphones ... so pretty happy about stretch goal 1 being met ... I just bought a really nice portable speaker a month ago but when he saw this design, I had to get it ... I'm not aware of any other portable Bluetooth speaker that can separate like this ... July cant come me quick enough ... 2 weeks, we can do this!! I'm sharing as much as I can ... thanks again for a genius innovative design
Hi guys. Truly happy backing this campaign.....but I don't want to sound rude.....your stretch goals are not what I expected....couple of cheap earphones or cables isn't a match for such a high end design and sound speakers.......just leaving my thoughts here.
KNZ Technology
@vitse claes Output power is 5 watts RMS per speaker. Battery life (continuous music playback with one charge) up to 10 hours for each speaker.
vitse claes
What is the output from the speaker?
Howmany watt?
Howlong is battery life with one charge and continus play?
KNZ Technology
@Natta Slkpy 5 watts RMS per unit/channel.
Natta Slkpy
What is the GoDuo speakers wattage amp?
KNZ Technology
@Robert Walter No problem! You will have one. At the end of the campaign, we will send a survey to backer asking what color you would like to choose. Please let us know your choice by then. In this way we can record everyone's selection in our system without mistake. So please stay tuned. Thanks everyone for your patience!
Robert Walter
I would love the red headphones please. I'm one of the supporters of the plegers who pledged $77 when that promo was live.
KNZ Technology
@Tao Zhenjia Thanks. We'll definitely take it into consideration.
KNZ Technology
@Annie At present there is no mature chipset solution for such application and in Bluetooth version 5. We do not want to wait for an uncertain result and delay shipping.
For waterproof, we believe current rating can support everyday use. We tested with completely sealed samples to reach IPX7, however the result is - sound quality is compromised. We will keep the optimized sound quality, and try to increase waterproof performance as much as possible - what about that? And this is on our to do list anyway, no matter we reach the 2nd stretch goal or not.
KNZ Technology
@明天 GoDuo speakers can be used individually or in a pair. Our current version does not support syncing 4 speakers together wirelessly. However if you want the 2 pairs to work together playing the same source of music, you can use an audio splitter cable and connect to one speaker of each pair. Then the four speakers can play the same music.
if i get 2 pairs of speakers? can i syn all 4 speakers together?
Tao Zhenjia
2nd stretch goal - extra charging split cable and extra casing!