Grafton – The Perfect EDC Pen

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The thoughtfully designed, buy-for-life EDC pen that won’t break the bank. (Takes Pilot G2 and Fisher Space Pen refills) We here at Everyman put a lot of thought into the items we carry with us everyday, and next to our wallet the thing we care most about is our pen. While everyone has their favorite pen, we all have things we’d change or improve about them. People who love the Pilot G2, wish they weren’t plastic, throw-away pens. People who love the Zebra F-701 wish the clip was stronger and wrote more smoothly. And people who love the Fisher space pen wish for a clicky-pen version with a better grip. After scouring EDC forums it seemed to us that there is a void in the market for a well designed, refillable, buy-for-life pen that takes G2 and Space Pen refills AND that doesn’t break the bank… so… we set out to create what we think is the Perfect EDC pen. We started our design by taking our favorite elements from pens we’ve been carrying for years and then incorporated those into a thoughtfully designed, 100% aluminum pen body. Designed to fit in with your minimal everyday carry, built to last and priced about $20 cheaper than it’s closest competitor – the Grafton is the EDC pen you’ve always wanted.

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