GrillFloss BBQ Grill Cleaning Tool

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Give your equipment a spruce up with the GrillFloss BBQ Grill Cleaning Tool. This excellent tool helps you clean every nook and cranny of your favorite cooking method. The GrillFloss Tool has an entirely stainless steel construction. At the tip of this tool is a small groove. This piece slides around each piece of your grill grate. With a simple motion of your hand, the GrillFloss Tool scrubs away leftover grime, food, and char. In addition, the GrillFloss Tool can reach every angle of the grill grates. You don’t even need to remove them. Highly durable, the stainless steel puts in the elbow grease to rid your grill of any grime. Unlike brushes and scour pads, the GrillFloss Tool takes little effort and is built to last. Finally, it’s a breeze to clean. Simply remove any grill gunk from the blade and it’s ready to go again.

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