Grocery Gripps Carrier

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Carrying your shopping bags won’t be too tiring anymore with the Grocery Gripps Carrier. It is a secure, strong and compact carrier for all your shopping bags, dry cleaning, beach chairs, coolers, and more. The coolest feature is that this carrier is hands-free. The comfortable ergonomic grip will keep your bags together and secure at the same time. The process of using it is pretty simple. You can start by simply threading it through the handles of everything you want to carry and choose from two versions depending on how much you have to carry and how far you have to go. These include the shoulder version or the wrist version. No matter how much you carry, your hands will be free to open doors, use keys, push buttons, whatever you need them to do and not be tied up carrying painful loads with your fingers. From your cart to the trunk and the trunk to your counter, do it in one easy move. The velcro fastener makes it easy if you are somewhere like a farmers market or mall, just pull it apart, add a bag, and secure it again! Get one on Kickstarter now starting from a pre-order price of only $16.

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