GTEAR – Stabilize Earphones on Your Ears

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Generally, the earphones are easy to fall down from our ears and the continuous fall-ff of earphones brings us great inconvenience. For example, when we are running with music on, we always have to put our EarPods back on our ears continuously for its fall-off; when we are recycling with music on, we have to be bothered to re-wear our EarPods; even during our movement, our EarPods may fall down. Once we put on EarPods, we have to be cautious and our movement become restricted. GTEAR is to change this situation. With the help of GTEAR, EarPods can be steady in your ears, just like the Sports earphones. Owing to GTEAR, you will not worry about the fall-off of EarPods. GTEAR has three sizes and every size can be finely adjusted when it combines with EarPods. Besides, the ergonomic design of GTEAR can allow its various changes. In this way, GTEAR can make EarPods fit different ear canals. And it is also very comfortable. GTEAR is to prevent EarPods from falling down from our ears and then bring us convenience through its special design and designers’ user-friendly consideration. And because of GTEAR, you do not need to buy another Sports earphones, which can reduce the burden on the environment. If you want to know more about our product, welcome to our website to know more.

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