Uno Bolt Gyro Force E-Unicycle

$999 USD
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Add a little fun to your commute with the Uno Bolt Gyro Force E-Unicycle. Using the latest technology, this personal vehicle keeps you upright as you ride on one wheel. The Gyro Force stabilization system is highly advanced. In fact, it’s the quickest responding gyroscope and the first time to go into a one-wheeled machine. The Uno Bolt also has many convenient features. With a weight capacity of up to 280 lbs., it also features a comfortable seat for extra long rides. It also has fully adjustable mirrors for additional safety. Located at the front is a handlebar complete with a brake as well as an electronic horn. Charging in only 45 minutes, the Uno Bolt can handle inclines up to 45 degrees with ease. Riding this device is easy as can be. It uses Tire Assist to use the weight and motion of your body to complete any turn.

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