Hammer Jammer Guitar Accessory

$70 USD
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Revolutionize the way you jam with the Hammer Jammer Guitar Accessory. Featuring six small hammers, this device offers you the ability to play like never before. Using the Hammer Jammer, you can play at incredible speeds and even produce unique sounds. Compatible with any guitar with a standard neck width, the Hammer Jammer is even useful for musicians with disabilities. Resting on the neck with a clamp, you play the Hammer Jammer with your fingers or your palm. As they strike, each string vibrates for an exceptional, one-of-a-kind sound. The Hammer Jammer combines both a percussive and harmonic sounds to transform any riff or musical piece. Additionally, the device gives you access to the strings like never before. With it, you can play multiple string trills as well as atypical patterns. Coming in a kit, the Hammer Jammer has everything you need for easy and effortless installation.

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