Bison Boots Handcrafted Leather Boots

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Treat your feet with every step with the Bison Boots Handcrafted Leather Boots. This pair is a barefoot shoe that works with your foot as you walk. The Bison Boots feature a wide toe box area so you have plenty of space inside. Likewise, to give you even more comfort, there is a zero drop sole. This means there is no heel or curves so it stays working with your foot even as you move. In addition, there’s a split toe design in the leather which mimics the anatomy of the foot. Totally handcrafted, the luxurious bison leather is wonderfully soft. The Bison Boots come unwaxed or oiled which you can choose to do at home. This material is actually 40% stronger than cowhide and sustains its original beauty for longer. Finally, there is just a thin, flat insole between your foot and the rubber sole so you can feel more of the earth below you.

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