Colosimo Handcrafted Watch Safe

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Ensure your watches are kept clean and secure with the Colosimo Handcrafted Watch Safe. Featuring premium materials, this safe gives you the peace of mind that your timepieces are safe and sound. Named after famed gangster Big Jim Colosimo, the safes in this collection take inspiration from massive bank vaults. And, the likeness is uncanny. The Colosimo range includes the Standard, Mies, Spike, and 300SL Gullwing. Each varies in aesthetic ever so slightly yet exudes luxury. Some designs include quilted leather and even spikes. The largest of the range is the 300SL Gullwing. With two vault doors, it has enough space for six watches. The Colosimo Safes are also complete with a variety of design extras. There are built-in clocks, dials, switches, and more.

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