Worx Cordless Jawsaw Handheld Chain Saw

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Turn your yard into a paradise with the Worx Cordless Jawsaw Handheld Chain Saw. Highly powerful, this device allows you to reach branches that are in the way. Powered by a 20-volt lithium battery, the Jawsaw wraps around branches and cuts through like butter. In addition, there are a variety of attachments that you can use. Depending on the job, each blade attachment comes in handy. The blade housing also ensures your hands stay safe and far from any sharp blades. The Jawsaw cuts down on the elbow grease of any job. In fact, it can handle branches as thick as four inches in diameter. The Jawsaw isn’t just powerful, it’s also smart. It features an auto-tension system to give you the dexterity and control you need. Additionally, it has automatic chain oiling to keep things working properly.

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