HandL iPhone 7 Gripless Case

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Hold your smartphone with confidence with the HandL iPhone 7 Gripless Case. In addition to protection for your device, this case keeps you from dropping your beloved iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. The HandL Case creates an organic extension of your hand to your iPhone. On the back is a patented elastic brace system. With this handle feature, you can hold your device at any angle with a single hand. The HandL Case gives you more dexterity and grip than an ordinary case. With it, you can extend the range for your selfies, create seamless panoramic images, and complete texts and emails with a single hand. Additionally, using this case will also relieve your hand from the death grip we often need to keep these sleek devices from dropping. This saves you from hand and wrist pain. Finally, the HandL Case also doubles as a stand in both portrait and landscape mode.

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